Rural Quality of Life

Promoting quality of life and vitality of rural communities

Need for universal childcare subsidies and a national pharmacare program
Rural women are experiencing disproportionate pandemic-related economic disadvantages due to more precarious employment in jobs with no health benefits. A Universal Pharmacare program and a Universal Childcare Subsidy will have an enormous positive impact, particularly among women, who have been the most hard-hit. Read more
Cuts to physician funding devastating for rural Alberta
Rural communities face difficulties in attracting physicians. Getting doctors to set down local roots has been a vital part of creating sustainable rural healthcare. Physicians cannot make this commitment if they do not make enough to pay their bills. Read more
Pharmacare Now
In the wake of the federal election, our coalition of national and provincial organizations is calling on the new government to immediately implement universal, public pharmacare. Our large and diverse coalition represents health care providers, non-profit organizations, unions, workers, seniors, patients and academics from across the country. Within a minority Parliament, co-operation is more important Read more
Union Farmer Quarterly: Winter 2019
In this issue: Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, President Katie Ward, Women’s President Toby Malloy, Youth President Stuart Oke; reports from First-Time Convention Attendees Introducing Jessie Macinnis, Youth Vice President; Riley Côté-Demerchant, Region 1 Board Member Resolutions passed at the NFU’s 49th Annual Convention, November 22nd to 24th, 2018 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Remembering Brendan Read more
UN Adopts Declaration on the Rights of Peasants
The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly approved the Declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas this afternoon, expressing the widespread support for the promotion and protection of human rights for an often neglected population. It was approved by a recorded vote of 119 in favour to 7 against, with 49 abstentions. Read more
NFU urges Canada to support Declaration for the Rights of Peasants at United Nations
The National Farmers Union (NFU) urges Canada to vote in favour of the United Nations (UN) Declaration for the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas when it goes before the 3rd Committee session of the General Assembly. Read more
NFU supports pharmacare consensus principles
A diverse coalition representing health care providers, non-profit organizations, workers, seniors, patients and academics has come together to issue a statement of consensus principles for the establishment of National Pharmacare in Canada. Read more
NFU finds SARM resolution deeply concerning, will not solve rural problems
The SARM resolution is not the way to address problems faced in rural areas. Read more
Letter: Re Canada Post Review Task Force
The NFU has several policies which support Canada Post and its provision of postal services which must be regarded as a right and not a privilege. Read more
Est-ce que le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick va tenir sa promesse d’établir une stratégie sur l’alimentation locale?
( lundi, le 27 avril, 2015) - L'Union nationale des fermiers au Nouveau-Brunswick demande au gouvernement Gallant de respecter sa promesse électorale de « Mettre en oeuvre une stratégie sur les aliments et les breuvages locaux afin d'aider les producteurs et les éleveurs locaux à développer leurs produits et les amener au marché[…] » en adoptant le projet de loi 11, Loi sur la sécurité alimentaire locale, lors de sa deuxième lecture ce jeudi, le 30 avril. Pour les fermiers, une législation qui protège et fait la promotion de l'industrie est essentielle pour la croissance de celle-ci. Au Nouveau-Brunswick, l'emploi en milieu rural est essentiel à la survie de notre province. Read more