Climate Change

Climate justice, climate change mitigation and adaptation

Guidance to providing your input to AAFC’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy
The NFU has created a guideline for how you might want to respond to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) questionnaire towards developing a 25-year Sustainable Agriculture Strategy. Use this as Read more
Sustainable Agriculture Strategy—8 Things You Need to Know
The federal government and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) have initiated a process to develop a 25-year Sustainable Agriculture Strategy (SAS).  The NFU is one of 21 organizations on the Read more
NFU going cross-country to film 40 sustainable farms
The National Farmers Union (NFU) is teaming up with award-winning documentary filmmakers, Tamer Soliman and Sarah Douglas, of March Forth Creative Inc. to produce and present Depth of Field: Films Read more
Union Farmer Newsletter: February 2023
In this issue: Advocating for farmland protection in Ontario Towards a National Agricultural Labour Strategy that works for Farmers and Farm Workers Public transit should not stop at the city Read more
NFU Proposed Canadian Farm Resilience Agency
Nine NFU members and officials are holding meetings with individual MPs to help advance the NFU’s proposed Canadian Farm Resilience Agency (CFRA).  The NFU is pointing out to MPs that Read more
Op Ed – Testing the Waters
Despite persistent efforts to enclose and privatize it, water is still something that we try to govern by balancing private rights and the public interest. It is part of what is sometimes called “the commons,” the shared cultural and natural resources on which all members of society, and all economic activities, ultimately depend. If we are to retain even a modicum of respect for our common heritage, Saskatchewan will need effective water governance, and wetlands policy that will keep our farmland and waterways healthy and diverse, and the federal government will need to continue carrying out its responsibilities to protect water quality across the country. Read more
Nitrogen Fertilizer: Critical Nutrient, Key Farm Input, and Major Environmental Problem
This report takes a big-picture look at nitrogen fertilizer, details its many benefits and also its negative impacts, and makes the case for optimizing rather than maximizing tonnage. It examines the Read more
Nitrogen Fertilizer: New Report Takes Big-Picture Look
SASKATOON, Sask: The National Farmers Union (NFU) today released a report entitled Nitrogen Fertilizer: Critical Nutrient, Key Farm Input, and Major Environmental Problem.  The report takes a big-picture look at Read more
APF Moves on Climate but Needs to be Broadly Transformative
An Open Letter from the NFU Introduction Two weeks ago, federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture met in Saskatoon and reached an agreement in principle to commit to Read more
Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: Second Edition
NFU releases Second Edition of Canada’s most complete and detailed report on agricultural GHG emissions Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: A New, Comprehensive Assessment. Click here to read the first Read more