Farmland Ownership

farmland ownership and concentration, promoting affordable secure land tenure

Union Farmer Newsletter: September 2023
In this issue: “Let them eat concrete” Ontario’s farmers are fed up with the Greenbelt giveaways Farmers unite to defeat Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) unfair change to grading standards NFU Read more
Farmland Campaign – Video Archive
Essential viewing for getting in-depth with the NFU's Farmland Campaign. Read more
Indigenous Access to Farmland
Land is fundamental to Indigenous ways of life. However, the Canadian state has systemically dispossessed Indigenous peoples of their land and restricted their ability to freely access land as was promised in Treaties. Read more
The fight for farmland on PEI
Prince Edward Island's Lands Protection Act serves as an illustration of how proper public policy can keep land out of the hands of corporations and investors. Read more
Provincial Farmland Legislation
A list of existing farmland protection legislation in Canada's provinces. Read more
Farmland loss and protection
Farmland is a precious and limited resource. It makes up less than 10 percent of Canada’s land mass. Since 1976, over 15 million acres of farmland has been lost. Read more
Farmland access and tenure
Farmers cannot exist without land to farm. People seeking to access farmland face a long and complex process, made more challenging by rising land prices, rents, and development pressures. Read more
Farmland Ownership and Consolidation
Farmers who work the land should have control over the management of their food production unit. When investment of capital—whether foreign or Canadian—excludes local farmers from the land, rural disintegration occurs, and food sovereignty is impossible. Read more
Land is fundamental to agriculture. Who owns it, controls it, and how is it used and cared for are critical matters for the NFU. Read more
Take Action: Speak up to protect Ontario’s farmland for farming
UPDATE: The NFU-O is encouraged by the recent communications from the government, promising that Bill 97, if passed, would not affect the Proposed Provincial Planning Statement or have it go Read more