Why donate to the NFU?

The NFU is a dynamic grassroots farmer organization that has advocated for farm families across Canada since 1969. The NFU is lean and effective, so your donation goes straight to work to advocate for agricultural policies that ensure dignity and income security for farm families while protecting and enhancing rural environments for future generations. The NFU collaborates locally, nationally and internationally to research, educate and share effective solutions that lead to a better world for farm families and their local communities.

The NFU advocates for a food system based on the principles of food sovereignty, which calls for a food system that values farmers and what they grow; rebuilds relationships between food producers and those who eat; reclaims local decision making about food production and environmental protection; and strengthens connections between people and the land. It empowers communities and citizens to make intentional decisions based on local needs and conditions to ensure a resilient and sustainable future.

As a donor, you might like to know that the NFU puts every dime to work.  We have a small office on the north side of Saskatoon from which a small staff work with great enthusiasm for the NFU vision.  A cadre of involved members and Associate Members participate in NFU policy development and action.  We would be nowhere without them.

We invite you to join us — as a farm member, associate (non-farm) member, or with a monthly donation.  It is all critical to sustaining our work and all is appreciated!

Gratefully, Your NFU Team

Legacy donation

You can consider leaving a legacy to help build a better food & farm system long into the future.  Contact Mara at shaw@nfu.ca if you have questions about this option.

Processing fees take a large amount out of large donations. If you are donating more than $1000, please contact us for alternative ways to contribute.