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Webinar series exploring the complex challenges facing farmers today

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Explore the issues faced by farmers and farmworkers from across the country. Priorities are set by members in response to the ever changing agri-food landscape.

Climate Change

Climate change is arguably the most crucial issue of our time. Agriculture is directly affected by climate change, but is also a major greenhouse gas emitter globally. We need to change our practices to adapt and reduce our emissions.

Climate Change

Land is fundamental to agriculture. Who owns it, controls it, and how is it used and cared for are critical matters for the NFU.

Climate Change

The National Farmers Union advocates for seed regulation that keeps seeds in farmers’ hands. Canada’s seed system is at a critical juncture – learn more and join in the campaign to save our seed system from corporate control.


Livestock is an important part of food systems. Farmers should earn a fair living raising high-welfare animals that yield high-quality products.

Recent Publications

The NFU has an incredible history of reports and publications that it uses to guide agricultural policy in independent farmers’ interests.

Why the NFU?

Why the NFU?

The National Farmers Union believes that farmers possess more power to shape agricultural policies, advocate for economic and social policies, and create a stronger and more sustainable farming community, when they work together.

Today, as farmers face the realities of climate change and rising input costs paired with shrinking production values, the need for a collective and unified voice has never been more crucial.