NFU Annual Conventions

The National Farmers Union annual 3-day National Convention brings together farmers from all across Canada to discuss and learn about the important agricultural issues of the day.

The convention programme

The public is invited to hear the keynote address, delivered by a well-known speaker. The program includes a series of presentations and panel discussions, elections of national officers, reports from elected officials and caucuses, as well as debate and voting on resolutions which become the NFU’s positions on public policy matters.

Special meetings of youth, women, and members involved in international cooperation are also included in the Convention agenda. The NFU National Convention is the highlight of the organization’s year, both the culmination of the previous year’s work and the starting point for the coming year.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend NFU Conventions, whether you are a family farm member, associate member, visitor or media. Advance registration is available online, in person registration is available at the door.

Who can vote?

Each NFU Local is entitled to elect one or more Family Farm Member as voting delegates, depending on the size of the Local. Where there is no active local, a Family Farm Member may request delegate credentials from the national office at least 60 days prior to the convention, subject to approval by their Regional Coordinator.

NFU Annual Conventions

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