Women’s Caucus

The National Farmers Union is a progressive family farm organization concerned about all aspects of life on farms and all members of farm families. Women are active and equal participants in the National Farmers Union, supporting each other, organizing, formulating and articulating policy and serving as elected officers. To ensure that the voices of farm women are clearly heard our constitution provides for women’s positions at every level.

The Constitution and Bylaws of the National Farmers Union states:

  • Duties of the Women’s President:  The women’s president, through her involvement on the executive, shall provide leadership to facilitate participation of women at all levels of the union.
  • Duties of the Women’s Vice President:  The women’s vice president shall assist the women’s president in her duties and shall be the women’s president in the event the office of the women’s president becomes vacant from any cause.
  • Women’s Advisory Committee:  It shall be the duty of the women’s advisory committee to advise the women’s president, to assist her in her duties, and encourage participation of women within the general program of the union.
  • Duties of the District Women’s Director:  The district women’s director shall, immediately following election to office, assist in district work, encourage participation of women in the activities of the union and shall be the district director if the office of the district director becomes vacant for any cause.
Cady Foreman

Women’s President

 Toronto, ON

Region 3 (Ontario)

Karen Fyfe

Women’s Vice President

 Stanley Bridge, PEI

Region 1 (Atlantic) – District 1 (PEI)

Regional Members

Claire Poulton

 Bright, ON

Region 3 (Ontario)

Anastasia Fyk

 Ethelbert, MB

Region 5 (Manitoba)

Mandy Melnyk

Hannah Dwyer

 Harrop, BC

Region 8 (British Columbia, Yukon and NWT)