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The National Farmers Union is a grassroots farmer organization advocating for farm families across Canada since 1969. Members work together to shape agricultural policies that ensure dignity and income security for farmers, farms and farm workers while protecting and enhancing rural environments for future generations.

Whether you farm as a family, a collective, or as a farm worker, the NFU has a place for you. Not a farmer? You can support our work as an associate member!

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Historical NFU Women's Caucus

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Historical NFU Women's Caucus

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Historical NFU Women's Caucus

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What membership is for you?

The NFU has 4 categories of membership for people who farm. All of these categories have voting rights.

Family Farm Membership
Family Farm

The Family Farm Membership is for farmers who operate a farm as an individual or with family members.

Farm Unit Membership
Farm Unit

Farm Unit Membership is for farmers who operate a cooperative/collective/communal farm together.

Farm Workers

Farm Workers are farmers who are employees on farms.


Farmers aged 25 or under can join as Youth Members.

Memberships for farmers and supporters


If you are not a farmer, but want to support the work of the NFU, we welcome you to become an Associate member. Associate members cannot vote, but are valued members of the NFU and are welcome to get involved in relative committees, caucuses and working groups.

Important Note

Farming in Ontario, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island

If you farm in Ontario, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, you may apply for a Farm Membership through the Farm Business Registration (FBR).

Every farm business in Ontario that grosses over $7,000 annually is required to obtain a Farm Business Registration (FBR) number through Agricorp. When registering for an FBR, farmers can choose to defer their fees to one of three Accredited Farm Organizations (AFOs).

We believe the NFU-O is the AFO for you! When completing your FBR process annually, select the NFU-O as your AFO of choice. 

Deadline to register is March 1st, annually.

Agricultural producers operating a farm business within the meaning of the federal Income Tax Act, or start-up operations following a management plan approved by the Minister, are eligible to register. 

Eligible agricultural producers who have applied for registration and paid the appropriate fee will receive a Registered Professional Agricultural Producers (RPAP) number. 

Deadline to register is January 31st, annually.

Own a farm business on Prince Edward Island? Choose the National Farmers Union through the PEI Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act.

The deadline to register your farm is April 1st annually.