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The NFU offers four types of membership: Family Farm, Farm Unit, and Youth members are full voting members; Associate members are non-farmers and thus do not have voting rights. The NFU is an accredited farm organization in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In those provinces farmers register with their provincial government and select the NFU as their organization (scroll down for links). If you are interested in NFU member benefits, such as health insurance and product discounts, click here for details.

Every member of the Farm Family including children, ages 14 to 21 are full voting members of the Union. Farm Unit memberships include up to 4 voting members. This structure recognizes that every family member and committed members of farm units (cooperatives, collective farms, partnerships of non-relatives) contribute to the farm by working on it directly or indirectly through off-farm employment. Farm youth from ages 21 through 25 are eligible for Youth memberships; non-farm Youth may join as Associate members. If you are not a farmer and would like to support the NFU’s work, you may join as an Associate Member.

Donations to support the NFU’s work are always welcome and put to good use! You may make a one-time donation or set up a recurring monthly donation.

If would rather not use the online payment system, please see the Membership – Offline Options page to join and/or donate by mail or phone.

If you live in Ontario and participate in the Farm Business Registration (FBR) program, click here for information about how to join.

If you live on Prince Edward Island you can join the NFU through the PEI Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act program.

If you live in New Brunswick you can join the NFU through the New Brunswick Agricultural Producers Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act.