NFU Policy Statements


Download the PDF version Prevention, protocols and sanctions. POLICY () is committed to providing a work environment that is free of harassment and supportive of the self-esteem and dignity of every person within the . The ’s intent is to ensure there is a climate of understanding, cooperation and mutual respect. To be successful in Read more


Download the PDF Version The believes that all Canadians—farmers and non-farmers alike—must engage in an informed debate on the genetic modification of food. Citizens must examine genetically modified (GM) food in the largest possible social, historical, environmental, economic, and ethical context. After that debate, citizens—not the corporations that promote these products—must decide whether to accept Read more


Preamble strives for a system of food production, processing, and distribution that is, in all stages, economically viable, socially just, and ecologically sound. The current system does not meet these criteria and, thus, is not sustainable. Powerful forces act against the development of sustainable agriculture. Short-term political and economic goals; international trade liberalization; and the Read more

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