Media Release: National Farmers Union Calls for Fertilizer Price Investigation
Rodney, ON – “Fertilizer prices have skyrocketed over the past 6 months, and we want to know why”, said Don Ciparis, President of National Farmers Union—Ontario. “My farm’s fertilizer prices have gone up 144-220% since April 7 to December 13 of last year. All of this is just outrageous. We believe that the only way to get
Statement on United Nations International Migrants Day
The National Farmers Union (NFU) stands in solidarity with all migrant workers on International Migrants Day. The NFU calls on the Canadian government to extend permanent residency status to all those who grow our food. In April 2021, former Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Minister, Marco Mendocino, announced a Temporary Policy to enable up
NFU urges Alberta and Saskatchewan to Allow Farmers Late Enrollment in AgriStability
Laura, SK—Today the National Farmers Union (NFU) wrote to Hon. Nate Horner, Alberta Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development and Hon. Dave Marit, Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, urgently requesting each of them to follow BC’s and Manitoba’s example and allow late enrollment in AgriStability so that thousands financially stressed farmers will be able
Grocery Prices are Rising and Farmers’ Share Declining as Corporate Processors and Retailers Take More and More
Swift Current, SK—Retail food prices are rising. To explain these increases, many commentators point to rising prices for farm products and cite drought, other production problems, the pandemic, or supply-chain issues. This is not an accurate explanation. Public data shows that corporate food processors and retailers have relentlessly, for decades, pushed up retail prices even
NFU solidarity with workers at Cargill’s High River beef packing plant
“The NFU stands in solidarity with the UFCW workers at Cargill’s High River plant and supports their right to negotiate a fair wage and benefits in exchange for their labour, We support workers' attempts to achieve better working conditions and fairer pay for the difficult and dangerous work they undertake, which was exposed by the April 2020 Covid outbreak when nearly half the plant’s workforce was infected and two workers tragically lost their lives.”
AAFC update on BC flooding situation
****** le français suit ****** Good evening, Following the severe flooding in B.C.’s lower mainland, AAFC is actively gathering information on the situation and the impacts to the sector and food supply chain. In an effort to keep industry informed on the situation and of key details and developments in order to better enable emergency
NFU urges Government of Canada to put COP 26 pledges in motion
As COP26 concludes, the NFU calls the Government of Canada to action. We implore policymakers to live up to their non-binding pledges and ensure they address the climate crisis by reducing actual emissions and not with net-zero schemes based on unproven technology, market-based solutions, misunderstood carbon sequestration science, and the further commodification of land.
COP26 “Drive to Zero” commitment promising for agriculture
The National Farmers Union (NFU) applauds the Canadian government’s commitment to 30% of new sales for zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus fleets by 2030 and 100% zero-emission new sales by 2040. The government made the commitment on November 9, Transport Day at COP 26. The switch to zero emission cars, trucks, and machinery is inevitable as we move past our target of 40% emissions reduction by 2030 and toward 2050 when emissions will need to be very close to zero.
COP26 CAPP call for increased fossil fuel production shameful
The NFU calls on all governments to end fossil fuel subsidies and focus on clean energy to align public finance with their pledges to tackle the climate crisis. Furthermore, shifting subsidies to clean energy development would encourage energy companies to invest in the energy future necessary to tackle the climate crisis. Canada should consider becoming a signatory to the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty and join the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance. The bottom line: Canada cannot be a climate leader while financing the expansion of fossil fuel projects.
At COP26, NFU Joins La Via Campesina Allies in Global Day for Climate Justice
le français suit GLASGOW, Scotland—This past Saturday, November 6th, members of the NFU delegation at COP26 in Glasgow took to the streets during the Global Day for Climate Justice with more than 100,000 climate activists to demand action and accountability from our world leaders and governance systems. We marched together with our hosts, the Landworkers
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