The United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement is result of the USA-led 2017-2018 renegotiation of NAFTA, which informally agreed to the terms on September 30, 2018, and formally on October 1. Signature, ratification and implementation is pending.

North American Groups call on Canada to stand up to Washington on NAFTA
North American organizations call on the Canadian government to stand up to Washington’s bullying on NAFTA, and to strike a fair trade deal
The political and economic climate in which Canada, Mexico and the United States began the NAFTA renegotiations in 2017 has deteriorated drastically in 2018, with Canada recently being effectively shut out. Read more
Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
The National Farmers Union has joined with other citizens’ organizations in the Trade Justice Network to challenge the scope and secret negotiating process of CETA, the Canada-European Union free trade negotiations, and to highlight the need for a more sustainable, equitable and socially just international trade regime. Read more