Promoting seed sovereignty: farmer control of seed, a seed system in the public interest

NFU says elected Directors strong supporters of public interest and farmers’ seed rights
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanDecember 17, 2013, </strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanSaskatoon, SK) —</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanThe National Farmers Union (NFU) congratulates the new members of the Boards of Directors for the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission and the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission. Read more
Bill C-18 and Farmers’ Privilege – What is the whole story?
Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz claims that Bill C-18, the Agriculture Growth Act, will not stop farmers from saving seed. But is he telling the whole story? Read more
NFU Comments on “Crop Variety Registration in Canada: Options for the Future”
The National Farmers Union submitted the following comments on the CFIA’s on-line survey regarding its discussion paper Crop Variety Registration in Canada: Issues and Options. PDF version of the NFU’s submission Read more
Analysis of Seed Field Crop Inspection Privatization
Canada’s seed system has been built in the public interest over the past century. Seed laws and regulations have been put in place to protect farmers from unscrupulous seed sellers, and to protect the quality and abundance of crops that Canadians depend upon for their daily nourishment. As a result, Canada’s seed – and the crops grown from it – have an excellent international reputation. Read more
NFU Comments on Regulations Amending the Seeds Regulations
The National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposal by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to amend the Seeds Regulations. Specifically, the CFIA seeks to allow variety registrants to cancel the registration of seed varieties on request, to move all forage crop kinds from Part I to Part III of Schedule III and to move soybeans from Part I to Part III of Schedule III.The NFU strongly opposes the proposal and urges the CFIA to retain the seed regulations that currently exist. Read more