Union Farmer Quarterly:

Fall 2017


Message from the Editorial Advisory Committee
Message from the President – Revisiting NAFTA
Message from the Women’s President
Message from the NFU Youth

Regional Reports

  • Reflections on Changes to Risk Management Programs — by Tony Straathof, Region 3 Board Member
  • Putting Values into Action: NFU members make a difference!
  • 7e Conférence de LVC présenté des symboles forts de résistance et de réussites collectives — par Jean-Eudes Chiasson
  • Important steps forward for youth and diversity within La Via Campesina — by Ayla Fenton, NFU Youth President
  • In Resistance to Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline: Indigenous Rights and Future Generations — by Gillian McDonald
  • Let’s keep our public, farmer-directed plant breeding research system intact — by Glenn Tait
  • Seeds, Democracy and End Point Royalties — by Terry Boehm
  • We Remember Mary Hickie
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