Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Campaign to stop the introduction of genetically modified alfalfa into Canada.

Groups Welcome Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s Call for Action on GE Alfalfa
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(Ottawa, Oct. 9, 2014)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- The National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network welcome a request from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), Gord Miller, for action over pending release of genetically engineered (GE, also called genetically modified or GM) alfalfa.“We’re very pleased that the Commissioner is taking our concerns seriously and encouraging action from the Ontario government,” said Dianne Dowling, one of two Ontario farmers who filed a request last year asking the ECO for an environmental review of GE alfalfa. The provincial Ministry of the Environment denied the request but new comments from the Commissioner encourage the Ontario government to take action. “Now we need concrete action from our provincial government to stop GE alfalfa,” said Dowling. Read more
Will GM Crops Feed the World?
October 2014: We are often told that we need genetically modified (GM) crops to feed a growing population and reduce hunger around the world. Although compelling, this claim is false, and ignores the many negative impacts of the technology. CBAN's report examines experiences with GM crops from around the world and exposes the many ways in which they threaten the environment and farmers’ livelihoods, and overlook the real causes of hunger. Using case studies from around the world, the report shows that there is no place for GM crops in an ecologically sustainable and socially just food system. Read more
Someone Call the CFIA!
I don’t want GM alfalfa in my food chain! Unfortunately due to the fact that alfalfa is the main forage fed to cattle, sheep, bison, and dairy animals; I find that it will be hard to avoid in the future. Read more
Company right to not release GM alfalfa this spring, says NFU
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanMarch 28, 2014, </strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanNorth Bay, ON)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- The National Farmers Union (NFU) is pleased to learn that Forage Genetics International (FGI) has decided not to begin selling herbicide-tolerant genetically modified (GM) alfalfa this spring. The company’s decision to delay the introduction of GM alfalfa into Canada was confirmed in the March 27 edition of <em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanThe Western Producer </em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanand is consistent with recent statements made by seed companies in Quebec and Ontario. Read more
NFU submission re GM Low Lignin Alfalfa
July 17, 2013<em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanRE: Notice of Submission for Approval of Novel Food and Livestock Feed Use and Unconfined Environmental Release in Canada of a Plant Genetically Modified for Reduced Lignin from Monsanto Canada Inc. and Forage Genetics International LLC</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span</em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanPDF Version</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span</em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span Read more
The Inevitability of Contamination from GM Alfalfa Release in Ontario
The case for preventing the introduction of Roundup Ready Alfalfa: If GM alfalfa is introduced in Eastern Canada, contamination of non-GM alfalfa will be unavoidable. There are several ways in which this gene flow can occur. Read more
GM alfalfa threatens farmers’ livelihoods
Sackville, NB—Farmers and consumers in the Maritimes and across Canada are concerned about industry plans to prepare for the release of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. Read more
Farmers Protest “Industry Spin” Designed to Facilitate Licensing of GM Alfalfa in Ontario
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(Kitchener) – </strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanToday farmers and consumers are protesting industry plans to prepare for the release of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa in Ontario. The protest, organized by the National Farmers Union (NFU) Grey Local 344 and NFU Region 3 (Ontario), is outside a Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) workshop being held in Kitchener-Waterloo to discuss a framework for 'coexistence' of GM and non-GM alfalfa varieties. Read more
NFU response to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Environmental Impact Statement on Roundup Ready Alfalfa
() of Canada welcomes the opportunity to file comments in relation to Docket No. APHIS-2007-0044, specifically the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) released December 14, 2009 by the United States Department of Agriculture. The has many serious concerns regarding the EIS, and strongly opposes the APHIS decision to grant non-regulated status to two genetically-modified (GM) or Read more