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There are many resources to help farmers manage the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Click on Need Help? for up-to-date information about federal and provincial support programs to help with the practical, financial and economic challenges of the pandemic. The Need Help? page also lists mental health support services available in every province. #StaySafe!

NFU response to COVID-19 disruptions

COVID-19 has highlighted how vulnerable Canada’s agriculture system is, and how strongly Canadians value our food producers. The NFU is advocating for emergency support to help farmers through the pandemic crisis while laying a foundation for a more robust and resilient food system. The NFU is actively engaged with the Federal government (AAFC) consultations on COVID-19, speaking out on behalf of the needs and interests of farmers.


The NFU successfully called for elimination of the minimum payroll requirement for the Canadian Emergency Business Account (CEBA), so now owner-operator farmers are eligible. We advocated for support to allow migrant workers to safely come to Canada and contribute their skills and labour to produce food. NFU was key to getting New Brunswick’s to reverse its exclusion of temporary foreign workers. The NFU pressed to keep farmers markets open during the lock-down by having them declared essential services. We continue advocating for more regional abattoir capacity to help livestock farmers and reduce dependence on Cargill and JBS. Along with other farm organizations, we are pushing for changes to federal Business Risk Management programs to make them more equitable and workable for the majority of farmers.  A survey of our members has informed our understanding of how the pandemic is affecting farmers. We continue to work in a responsive, timely manner to address issues as they arise.

Here is what we have been working on:


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Emergency Processing Fund: NFU Input
We look forward to more details and good news about expanding our local and regional processing capacity to serve Canada livestock producers from coast to coast.
Letter – Time to rebuild our meat processing system
Smaller, safer slaughter plants in each province would disperse threats to food security. If one plant was forced to close it would not disrupt the food chain across the entire country. Providing safe secure food from local farms to local consumers is entirely possible without putting meat packing workers at risk. Bigger is not always better. 
Where Your Money Goes Matters
The National Farmers Union (NFU) and most Islanders were relieved when the federal and provincial governments took quick action to address COVID-19. The measures put in place helped curb the spread of the virus and saved many lives here in PEI and in other provinces and territories. The government spokespersons showed caring in addressing sincere
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