Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: Third Edition

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Canadian Agriculture: The Challenge of Achieving Authentic Sustainability

The NFU’s proposed CFRA (Canadian Farm Resilience Agency)

NFU Report: Nitrogen Fertilizer

NFU Report: Agricultural GHG Emissions in Canada—Second Edition

NFU Report: Agricultural GHG Emissions in Canada

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Climate Action Two-Page Flyers


NFU Report: Climate Change and Agriculture


Farmers are on the front lines of climate change.

We need climate stability to produce our crops, raise our livestock, earn our livelihoods, maintain the health of our agriculture ecosystem, and provide the food Canadians eat. We are also positioned to help reduce Canada’s carbon footprint by changing our agricultural practices to reduce on-farm emissions.

The NFU is taking a lead role in helping farmers reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.  Many of our members are already acting: putting low-carbon production into action on their own farms.  We want to share our knowledge and experience with farmers and policymakers.

“The unchecked use of fossil fuels over the past 200 years has caught up with us. Today we have a duty to correct the damage done, but we also have a great opportunity to learn how we can work with Nature, including soil microorganisms, insects, plants, animals and water to produce abundant, healthy food without damaging our atmosphere.” – Ian Robson, NFU Region 5 (Manitoba) Coordinator


Both adaptation and mitigation are required for agriculture to play its part in preventing catastrophic climate change. The NFU believes in action that puts farmers knowledge at the centre. We develop and advocate for evidence-based policy that benefits both farmers and the climate.

The NFU is a founding member of Farmers for Climate Solutions

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