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Annual winners of the Paul Beingessner award for writing about farms and agriculture.

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2019 Winner
2019 Winner

Hope Beneath Our Feet  by Kolby Peterson Like any dying language, the remaining speakers are too often silent, or silenced.  Should we choose to listen, we may hear their fluency through their tongues, but only the observant sees their language written on the land. This language is the relationship between humankind and Earth of a

2018 Winner
2018 Winner

What will farming look like for young farmers in 30 years? by Cherry Halcovitch It is easy to imagine that the next thirty years will look a lot like the headlines of today. Power and wealth will continue to consolidate, governments and private interests will blur together, and the poor and common people will have


2017 Winner
2017 Winner

To the farmers who are trying to make a living, meanwhile feeding us: There’s something these days that’s affecting your business, your life, and the world you live in. It’s called social license.


2016 Winners

() would like to congratulate Nikaela Lange and Kevin Morin, who were the winners of the Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing. Nikaela is 18 years old and from Dalmeny, Saskatchewan. Nikaela spent part of her Grade 11 year studying in Tokyo, Japan. Later that same year, she received the Global Citizens Scholarship, and was


2015 Winners

The National Farmers Union would like to congratulate Katia Huszka and Stuart Oke, winners of the Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing for 2015. This year’s theme was “Soil: Our Common Ground”.

2014 Winner

Seeds: Sustenance and Sustainability —by Alana Krug‐MacLeod, Age 17, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan While seeds’ value is dispersed around the world in virtually every single biome and niche, whether disturbed or at rest, nowhere is the importance of seeds more obvious than on small farms. Using a series of vignettes from daily life, I reflect on what


2013 Winner

My summer ended with a journey to a permaculture convergence near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. There I was introduced to some innovative approaches to agriculture and to the people who do it.


2012 Winners

Our modern lifestyles demand more rights and freedom of speech. In Canada specifically, we repeatedly hear about our rights as citizens to have the freedom of speech and the right to make decisions. Democracy is built on the foundation that everybody has the right to represent their idea in government.


2011 Winner

We all need a place to live. We also need food to eat. Maybe our food supply is not as much of a concern because we import so much from other nations or maybe we just like to think that if we ignore the issue it will go away.


2010 Winner

Importance of Family Farms in Canada By Kathleen Skinner When my geography teacher posed a question along the lines of “why should we work to preserve our local farms when there will always be other places to get our food from”, I had to make an argument. My one goal that day was to prove

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