System Change Grounded in Food Sovereignty at the 2015 Climate Talks in Paris
I participated in La Vía Campesina’s international delegation to the United Nations climate meeting (COP21) in Paris, France, from December 5 to 12,  2015.  It was evident that social movement activism is helping us move swiftly and peacefully away from fossil capitalism, with its climate crises, and toward a new social order that prioritizes food and energy sovereignty.
New Farmers Need New Government
There isn’t much talk about agriculture and the farm succession crisis this election. The political calculation seems to be that agriculture is a rural issue and rural issues don’t matter because they don’t swing votes. The assumption being that urban voters, who make up the majority, don’t understand or don’t care much about agriculture.
TPP and the Chickens of Forestville
Once upon a time there was a beautiful henhouse in the deep woods of Forestville. It was a sizable henhouse built on three sturdy pillars that were beautified and strong to protect the chickens from storms and hostile, mostly foreign, predators. The chickens were known in Forestville for their hard work, dedication and pride -- and rightfully so -- as they were in charge of providing eggs, milk and honey for all of Forestville.
Who Benefits, Who Loses from Non-Browning GM Apple
With the recently announced US approval of the genetically modified (GM) "Arctic Apple" along with the current Ag Canada review, BC apple growers are understandably concerned about the potential release of this product into their marketplace.
New Farmer Survey: Reminder & more on sweet prizes!
Calling all farmers and friends of farmers! If you are currently farming, want to be a farmer, or have recently exited farming, we need to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to support the next generation of farmers in Canada.
The National New Farmer Coalition needs you!
It should not come as a surprise that Canadian agriculture is facing a demographic crisis. In the 1930s, over thirty percent of the population was involved in food production.
Manitoba’s Small Scale Food Report Provides Food for Thought
Many farmers are willing to sell a side of beef, a few dozen eggs or a bag of potatoes to their acquaintances. Farmers have been direct marketing since agriculture began and it is only in the last 50 years that direct farm to consumer sales have been questioned.
Walking Out on the Commons
On Thursday December 18th I was given the honour of representing the NFU at the Ontario Pollinator Health Plan’s Agricultural Stakeholders meeting. Unlike the other scheduled meetings, three in-person and the two online, this one was specifically for farmers and the agricultural industry.
Farmer Profile: Wilfred Harder Farms Inc, Manitoba
"[The NFU] is the one organization that is looking deeply into farm policies across this nation that fight for farmers. The NFU has the foresight and history to understand that farmers have to fight against the powers that be, including Multinational Corporations, in order to gain their fair share of the farm profit pie."
Someone Call the CFIA!
I don’t want GM alfalfa in my food chain! Unfortunately due to the fact that alfalfa is the main forage fed to cattle, sheep, bison, and dairy animals; I find that it will be hard to avoid in the future.