NFU congratulates Manitoba on new GROW Program to enhance environmental action
The GROW Program is a good first step that will help farmers invest in environmental solutions. The NFU in Manitoba is looking forward to participating in the consultations that will develop the details of this program and create a base for expanding and deepening the on-farm environmental enhancement efforts we will need to make a substantial impact.
Manitoba Crown Lands Act Amendments Sideline Young Ranchers, say NFU
The amendments to the Crown Lands Act made through Bill 35, which bring in a highest bidder scenario, is clearly a government cash grab at the expense of young cattle ranchers and creates yet another barrier in the way of the next generation of Manitoba ranching families. The NFU calls for Bill 35 to be repealed and replaced with a new, clear and transparent point system that will help young ranch families become established.
OmniTRAX Inaction Cuts Off Churchill Indefinitely
Saskatoon, SK—The Hudson Bay rail line to Churchill has been shut since late May due to flooding that damaged the tracks. It has been over two weeks since the photos were released and caused Churchill mayor Mike Spence to call for "immediate action to repair the railway." What is OmniTRAX doing?
Choice of Voice needed for Manitoba Farmers on Agriculture Issues
National Farmers Union Region 5 (Manitoba) states that the current stable funding model for General Farm Organizations (GFO) to represent Manitoba farmers’ voices on agriculture issues needs a serious fix.
Port of Churchill Latest Casualty due to loss of Single Desk CWB
It was a previous Liberal government that privatized the railroads and allowed the sale of the Port of Churchill and Hudson Bay rail line to a Denver-based company called OmniTrax.
NFU-Manitoba hosts European Farmers speaking tour February 22-24 in Winnipeg and Brandon
“Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective” features Claudia Schievelbein of Germany and Guy Kastler of France. Both European farmers are affiliated with La Via Campesina (LVC), the world-wide farmers’ movement for dignity and social justice, of which the is a member. They will share their experiences around issues such as farmers’ right to save seed, royalties,
NFU to be part of climate change solutions in Manitoba
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanDeleau, MB—</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanThe National Farmer Union (NFU) is working with the Manitoba government to develop new ways for the province’s farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, and to reduce the impacts of climate change on our farms.
Manitoba National Farmers Union Convention set for July 11, 2015
(June 17, 2015) PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE – National Farmers Union (NFU) Region 5 (Manitoba) will host a discussion with farmers who direct market and producers involved in Supply Management at their 2015 Convention on July 11 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. The theme of this year's convention is "Connecting our Farms". "We're inviting a variety of stakeholders to put their heads together and come up with solutions to move agriculture forward," said Ian Robson, Manitoba NFU Coordinator. "Supply Management has kept families on the farm for over four decades. At the same time there has been positive growth in the local food movement, which has created more interest and opportunities for direct to market farms. Discussing how these farm types fit together in the bigger picture of the farm movement is vital at this time.
NFU urges western provincial governments to purchase CWB assets
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(Dec 4, 2014 - Deleau, MB)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- The National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC to become actively engaged in the federal government’s plan to dispose of the farmer-paid Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) assets. In a letter sent to the Manitoba Government today, farmer and NFU Board member Ian Robson urges Premier Selinger to purchase and hold the assets in question while a process is developed to once again put farmers back in control of their assets.
Emergency flood relief, infrastructure maintenance and climate policy all needed, says NFU
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(JULY 3, 2014,</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span <strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanDeleau, MB)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- Intense, widespread flooding in eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba over the Canada Day weekend has caused unprecedented damage to farms, crops, farmland and rural infrastructure. The National Farmers Union (NFU) urges the federal and provincial governments to provide a stream-lined process to get emergency relief funds to all affected farmers as quickly as possible. Rural Municipalities must be funded to maintain and upgrade infrastructure to handle more frequent and severe storms. The NFU also calls upon all levels of government to implement effective greenhouse gas reduction policies to prevent the acceleration of climatic instability. “We know about spring flooding, but now we are also getting flooded by huge rainstorms that last for days. It’s like an inland hurricane,” said NFU Region 5 (MB) Coordinator, Ian Robson.