Region 5 | Media Release

NFU in Manitoba explores past experiences to fight for farmers at 2024 Convention 

STRATHCLAIR, MB – This year’s Manitoba Convention for National Farmers Union Region 5 offered a well rounded informative event for its members. “We were excited to bring our meeting to Strathclair, take a farm tour, and approach a wide variety of concerns,” said Ian Robson, NFU-Manitoba Coordinator.  

Topics ranged from issues of local on-farm meat production, the ongoing concern of changes to crown land leases, the importance of keeping the Canadian Grain Commission working for farmers, and discussions lead by former Ag Minister Bill Uruski on ways to connect with government officials to make changes. 

“We had a lot of active discussions from our members”, Matt Wiens said, “it’s more clear than ever that the new Manitoba government has some work to do and farmers cannot assume it will happen on it’s own. For instance, our membership is as ready as ever to see more on-farm slaughter capacity become a reality in Manitoba. We had a great back and forth about making sure it not be cost prohibitive while ensuring it be done safely. It looks like it works in other provinces so why are we dragging our feet?”

“I was intrigued to learn more about the history surrounding stable funding in Manitoba,” expressed Sparrow Berg, the twice elected Manitoba youth Advisor. “It’s clear that multiple governments have allowed an injustice by only allowing stable funding to 1 of the 2 general farm organizations. It seems to me that leaving the NFU in Manitoba out of stable funding has crippled our province from getting well researched farm policy perspectives or hearing from all Manitoba farmers in a productive way.”

Resolutions passed included issues on 

  • Continued support for stable funding for the NFU in Manitoba.
  • Advocating for better on-farm meat slaughter options
  • Encouraging RM’s to join Watershed Districts
  • Asking the City of Winnipeg to be fined for city waste being dumped, proportionately to how farmers are fined. 

Ian Robson, NFU – Manitoba (Region 5) Coordinator

Matt Wiens,  NFU – Manitoba (Region 5) Director   

Sparrow Berg, NFU – Manitoba (Region 5) Youth Advisor