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CGC’s Improved Grain Grading Dispute Resolution Process Helps Farmers, Says NFU

Hanley, SK – The National Farmers Union (NFU) is pleased with the changes to the Canadian Grain Commission’s grain grading dispute resolution service formerly called “Subject to Inspector’s Grade and Dockage” and that the new Final Quality Determination regulations will go into effect in time for farmers to benefit from the changes with this fall’s harvest.

“The CGC’s authority to enforce grade and dockage through binding determination in the event of a dispute provides farmers with a power-balancing force against companies that are in a position to unfairly downgrade and thereby discount grain delivered to the country elevator,” said Cam Goff. “Now, instead of needing to be present at the elevator in person at the time of delivery, farmers will be able to request Final Quality Determination on their grain samples up to seven days after their grain is delivered to the elevator by themselves, a trucker or employee if they disagree with the grain company’s assessment.”

“When the NFU surveyed farmers about “Subject to” in 2017, we found that farmers find it an extremely valuable tool. We are glad to see that the CGC has made the binding determination process more accessible. We hope that their work to raise awareness as farmers complete harvest will encourage, normalize and expand the use of Final Quality Determination to promote fairness for farmers as well as quality in our grain system,” concluded Goff.

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