Union Farmer Newsletter: September 2023

In this issue: “Let them eat concrete” Ontario’s farmers are fed up with the Greenbelt giveaways Farmers unite to defeat Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) unfair change to grading standards NFU

18 Reasons Why Agricultural Soil Carbon Offsets are the Wrong Approach to the Climate Crisis, and What We Should Do Instead

In this bold and blunt 17-page report the National Farmers Union (NFU) in 18 concise points, we expose the false solutions— that offset protocols, offset projects, and emissions trading are ineffectual, illegitimate, and damaging. The NFU urges the Canadian government to shelve plans for soil-based offset protocols. With sound research, the NFU provides the clear reasoning as to why offsets are ineffective. This then informs the ten policy recommendations that could address the climate crisis while simultaneously providing real, meaningful change for farms and farmers. 

Union Farmer Newsletter: February 2023

In this issue: Advocating for farmland protection in Ontario Towards a National Agricultural Labour Strategy that works for Farmers and Farm Workers Public transit should not stop at the city