Union Farmer Quarterly: Spring 2019

In this issue: Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, President Katie Ward, Women’s President Toby Malloy, Youth President Stuart Oke; Regional Coordinators Introducing Marcelle Paulin, Region 3 Women’s Advisor; Stewart Wells, 2nd Vice President (Operations); Lyle Orchard, Region 6 IPC Representative Articles: Inspiration, Motivation, Validation and a Sense of Community — by Justin L., Region

Union Farmer Newsletter: April – May 2019

Inside this issue … Seed Royalties are only part of the story: Why multinational seed companies want to put restrictions on farm saved seed – An economic analysis done by JRG Consulting and SJT Solutions for the Seed Synergy group in 2018i clearly shows the corporate seed industry is not just looking for increased revenues

Union Farmer Quarterly: Winter 2019

In this issue: Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, President Katie Ward, Women’s President Toby Malloy, Youth President Stuart Oke; reports from First-Time Convention Attendees Introducing Jessie Macinnis, Youth Vice President; Riley Côté-Demerchant, Region 1 Board Member Resolutions passed at the NFU’s 49th Annual Convention, November 22nd to 24th, 2018 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Remembering Brendan

Union Farmer Newsletter: January – February 2019

Farm Saved Seed Royalties: What you need to know – The corporate seed industry is lobbying the federal government to bring in new regulations under Canada’s Plant Breeders Rights Act to set up a system that would force farmers who plant newer varieties to pay a royalty every year even when planting farm saved seed. This

Union Farmer Newsletter: September-October 2018


Canadians push for Food Sovereignty in National Food Policy Consultation • Agroecology – A concise visual comparison of food and agriculture systems based on industrial logic versus agroecological principles • Health Canada proposes 5-year phase out of neonicotinoids

Union Farmer Quarterly: Fall 2018


The whole story must be told when it comes to dairy industry’s supply management • Experiences and work within the NFU • It is a Global Struggle: A report from the Global Encounter of Agroecology Schools and Processesand Spreading Knowledge on Agroecology • Are we moving towards corporate colonialism? • NFU raises concerns about Eastern Wheat Class Modernization • National Convention Info

FAQs about the Wheat Class System


The CGC is the federal government agency that regulates grain handling in Canada and certifies the quality, safety and quantity of export shipments of Canadian grain.

Union Farmer Newsletter – July 2018

NFU Newsletter - July 2018

NFU calls for better regulation, disclosure of test plot locations and end to open air GM crop testing following Alberta wheat contamination incident • Cereals Canada’s Irresponsible GM Wheat Policy • Who (or what) does Cereals Canada represent? • Agroecology, Livestock and Global Warming: how our institutions make a difference

Union Farmer Quarterly: Summer 2018

Union Farmer Quarterly - Summer 2018

Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, NFU President Coral Sproule, NFU Women’s President Katie Ward, NFU Youth President Stuart Oke and Regional Reports.