Year in Review—2021

National Farmers Union / Union Nationale des Fermiers

The National Farmers Union wants to celebrate all of the efforts, accomplishments and wins from each end of the country thanks to work from its regions, working groups, caucuses, committees and staff. In the year 2021, we are proud to announce and reflect on our work to strive for Strong Communities, Sound Policies and Sustainable

Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: A New, Comprehensive Assessment

Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: A New, Comprehensive Assessment provides, for the first time, a complete and detailed look at nearly 40 different sources of agricultural GHGs. Translation of the summary document of Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: A New, Comprehensive Assessment is funded in part by heritage Canada.

Union Farmer Newsletter: February 2022

In this issue: NFU calls for Fertilizer Price Investigation CUSMA Dairy Trade Dispute Farmers Beware the Variety Use Agreement Gene Editing News NFU CALLS FOR FERTILIZER PRICE INVESTIGATION Farmers are facing massive increases in the cost of fer􏰀lizer. For example, for NFUO President Don Ciparis’s farm, fer􏰀lizer prices went up 144-220% between April 7 and

Union Farmer: Winter 2022 | Union Fermière : L’hiver 2022

Formerly known as the Union Farmer Quarterly, the National Farmers Union has cut down to a bi-annual. “We appreciate people’s understanding and sense of solidarity with the difficult choices the NFU has had to make throughout this pandemic. The Virtual Convention is a real challenge for some due to rural internet & other issues. We

Who will feed us?

Who will feed us? New farmer perspectives on agriculture for the future has evolved over several years with the help of many young farmers. In many ways it began in response to multiple intersecting crises: declining numbers of farmers and farms across the country, an aging farmer population without new and young farmers to replace

Taking Stock of Abattoir Regulations

The NFU’s Taking Stock of Abattoir Regulations report reviews provincial regulations on slaughter, meat processing (cut/wrap), and marketing across Canada. It highlights common points and differences among the regulations, and identifies where specific aspects of these regulations (or how they are applied) create barriers to local and regional meat production, as well as those pieces that support thriving local and regional food systems and local producers.

2021 Winner (22 – 30)

Meara Kirwin (they/them) is a 25 year old new farmer and experienced organizer living in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton). They’re honoured to receive this award and will be sharing the prize with the Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders Legal Fund. Here is Meara’s winning entry: A lot has happened this season while young farmers have had our heads down

2021 Winner (15 – 21)

Conor T. Soule is 15 year old from Charlie Lake, BC. He is an unschooler that has always been encouraged to follow his passions for what he needs to learn in life! Currently those passions are for Mushrooms, Permaculture, Economics and Art. This summer Conor worked as a eco farm skills student at many different

Union Farmer Quarterly: Fall 2021

In this Issue of Quarterly: A Message from Editorial Advisory Committee, Ann Slater A Message from NFU President, Katie Ward Un Message de l’UNF présidente A Message from NFU Women’s President, Bess Vanzandwyk Un Message de l’UNF présidente des femmes A Message from NFU Youth Vice President, Jessie MacInnis Un message de l’UNF vice-président des

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