Polluter-pay decision a small but important step
“The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruling that the federal government has the jurisdiction to enact legislation to control greenhouse gas emissions is a small but important step on the journey to sustainability,” said Stewart Wells, NFU 2nd Vice President.
Why the NFU is in court supporting federal jurisdiction over greenhouse gas pollution pricing
Click here to read the NFU's affidavit - The NFU’s intervention in support of federal jurisdiction over greenhouse gas pollution pricing is not an endorsement of the current federal government’s measures. Rather, the NFU recognizes that a national framework needs to be created through the principles of co-operative federalism, and this requires federal leadership and enforcement powers.
NFU applies for Intervenor Status in Climate Change Constitutional Case
In April 2018 the government of Saskatchewan decided to challenge the federal government’s jurisdiction in regard to climate action measures, arguing its Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act reaches beyond federal powers. To date, the governments of Ontario and New Brunswick are intervening in support of Saskatchewan while the government of BC is supporting the federal
SARM delegates miss target
The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) has called on the federal government to expand the legal justification for self-defense. In early March 2017, 93 percent of its annual convention delegates voted in favour of a resolution indicating they believe rural residents do not have adequate rights to protect themselves or their property. It is
Saskatchewan budget makes life harder, more expensive, more isolated for rural people, says NFU
The Saskatchewan government's 2017 budget will make life more difficult for farmers and other rural residents while giving corporations and the extractive industries unnecessary tax breaks.
NFU finds SARM resolution deeply concerning, will not solve rural problems
The SARM resolution is not the way to address problems faced in rural areas.
Cattle producers affected by TB quarantine need immediate relief
The National Farmers Union (NFU) urges federal Agriculture Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, and his provincial counterparts, Hon. Oneil Carlier (Alberta) and Hon. Lyle Stewart (Saskatchewan), to provide immediate relief to cattle farmers affected by the expanding quarantine measures required in response to the discovery of Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) infection of six Alberta animals.
NFU expresses condolences to family of Colten Boushie
On behalf of our members, the National Farmers Union wishes to express our profound sadness over the tragic shooting of Colten Boushie and extend our deepest condolences to his family and community. We join them in mourning the loss of their loved one.
NFU Submission to Saskatchewan Government Consultation on Farmland Ownership
Saskatchewan members of the National Farmers Union (NFU) are concerned about the trend towards increasing ownership of farmland in this province by farmland investors. We are pleased that the Government of Saskatchewan shares our concern regarding implications of investor ownership of farmland and is seeking the input of Saskatchewan’s people on this important topic. The NFU is a non-partisan, nation-wide, democratic organization made up of thousands of farm families from across Canada who produce a wide variety of commodities.
NFU urges western provincial governments to purchase CWB assets
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(Dec 4, 2014 - Deleau, MB)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- The National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC to become actively engaged in the federal government’s plan to dispose of the farmer-paid Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) assets. In a letter sent to the Manitoba Government today, farmer and NFU Board member Ian Robson urges Premier Selinger to purchase and hold the assets in question while a process is developed to once again put farmers back in control of their assets.