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NFU leaders meet with BC Agriculture Minister

Seann Dory, Region 8 (BC) Coordinator, Hon. Lana Popham, BC Minister of Agriculture, Stuart Oke, NFU Youth President

(Victoria) — Today, National Farmers Union (NFU) Youth President, Stuart Oke and NFU Region 8 (BC) Coordinator, Seann Dory, met with BC Agriculture Minister, Hon. Lana Popham to discuss the future of agriculture in the province. They shared the NFU’s recent report, Tackling the Farm Crisis and the Climate Crisis: A Transformative Strategy for Canadian Farmers and Food Systems , which outlines both challenges and solutions for farmers and the food system.

“Climate change is probably famers’ biggest challenge, but also our opportunity to make changes needed to create a system that works better for farmers,” said Stuart Oke. “I was pleased to discuss with Minister Popham the direction we would like agriculture to develop so that young farmers like myself can succeed while building farms that help the climate too.”

“We also talked about how the average age of BC farmers is going up, and the need for policies that support the next generation of farmers,” added Seann Dory. “60% are of BC’s farmers are 55 or older, and less than 7% under 35. Many of the climate solutions we are calling for will make farming a more viable way to make a living, and help improve consumers’ access to home-grown food.”

“We look forward to further conversations with Minister Popham and her staff, to help the Agriculture Ministry support farmers seeking to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change on their farms,” said Oke.

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Stuart Oke, NFU Youth President: (819) 593-0626

Seann Dory, NFU Region 8 (BC) Coordinator: (778) 882-5221

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