Policy: 2005

offers recommendations to the provincial government on meat inspection. We understand that current legislation and regulations governing production, processing and sale of livestock vary considerably from province to province. But Read more

The farm income crisis has reached excruciating intensity. For Canadian farm families and their net incomes, 2004 was the second-worst year in history. But for agribusiness, 2004 was the best year in history. Is there a link? This report uses 2004 as a case study and takes a detailed look at the profitability of the dominant agribusiness corporations. This report follows the money. Read more

Over the past decade, corporate and government managers have spent millions trying to convince farmers and other citizens of the benefits of genetically-modified (GM) crops. But this huge public relations effort has failed to obscure the truth: GM crops do not deliver the promised benefits; they create numerous problems, costs, and risks; and Canadian consumers and foreign customers alike do not want these crops. Read more

This report is based on two briefs that the NFU submitted to Parliamentary Secretary Wayne Easter’s consultations on farm income. These two pieces, brought together here in this report, lay out both the causes of the farm income crisis and a set of affordable solutions. Read more