This is a hard time for farmers in our province and across the country. New Brunswick farmers are hardworking professionals, many with university degrees and generations of successful family farm management. Yet in 2007, the total net income for NB farms averaged $ -24,746.00 (Statistics Canada Farm Financial Statistics). On most NB farms, this negative Read more

() welcomes this opportunity to participate in the “Consultation on Small Flock Policy” undertaken by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. We welcome the efforts of the CFO over the past year to conduct this pilot project. The CFO has responded to legitimate requests by farmers and farm organizations to address the need for regulations governing Read more

The advocates universally-accessible and affordable postal services for rural communities. The possibility of deregulation of Canada Post’s services holds serious implications for the future viability of rural postal services and the communities which depend on those services. Read more

Under the following headings we will identify some of the most obvious causes (the problems) of what we see as the death of farming in PEI and the possible solutions: Free Trade in Food Has to Go The market place is dysfunctional for farmers: a deliberate public policy outcome Immediate government action and input are Read more

has adopted policy positions on many areas of direct concern to family farmers in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Our policy is the result of democratic debate at annual national conventions on resolutions put forward by grassroots delegates. As a result, the policy on Crop Insurance reflects the wishes of a majority of family farmers in Read more

Local Food is a global trend. The movement towards fair and sustainable local food systems is not new, and it is not a fad, but it is experiencing a coming of age around the world. The reasons for this trend are very straightforward. A combination of factors has created a situation where the sustainability of Read more

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