The Farm Crisis and the Cattle Sector: Toward a New Analysis and New Solutions

We have a crisis. We have a need for new thinking. We have a need for bold solutions. There will be resistance. There will be near- hysterical attacks on those who threaten the status quo. But we must prevail. We must reverse course. We must talk about corporate power and captive supply and about the profits of the dominant players. We must restore balance and equity. We must return our family-farm cattle producers to stability and profitability. We must act now. We must succeed.

  • Where’s the beef… plan?
    The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has published a response to the NFU cattle report. We invite you to read both the NFU report and the CCA response, and decide for yourself which offers the most penetrating and reliable analysis. In the interests of helping farmers/ranchers make informed decisions, the NFU also challenges the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to provide a link on its website to the NFU cattle report.