In December, 2007, legislation was introduced in the House of Commons which, if passed, will have serious implications for Manitoba’s farmers and the provincial economy. Bill C-39, An Act to Amend the Canada Grain Act, will effectively restructure the Canadian Grain Commission so that its primary mandate is no longer to operate in farmers’ interests, Read more

Until recently, a brief description of the farm income crisis went like this: A mother goes to a supermarket to buy a loaf of bread. She puts $1.35 on the counter. The grocery chain, baking company, flour-milling corporation, and grain company together take $1.30. The farmer gets the remaining nickel. Then fertilizer, seed, chemical, fuel, Read more

The current Agricultural Policy Framework (APF), in particular, represents a major concern for our membership. During the past five years since the APF was implemented, there has been a dramatic decline in the viability of family farm operations across the country. Not only have farmgate prices declined for most major commodities, but input prices for Read more

November 19, 2008The Farm Crisis and the Cattle Sector: Toward a New Analysis and New SolutionsWe have a crisis. We have a need for new thinking. We have a need for bold solutions. There will be resistance. There will be near- hysterical attacks on those who threaten the status quo. But we must prevail. We must reverse course. We must talk about corporate power and captive supply and about the profits of the dominant players. We must restore balance and equity. We must return our family-farm cattle producers to stability and profitability. We must act now. Read more

If national prosperity and a higher standard of living for a majority of Canadians is to be achieved, the Competition Policy Review Panel must look beyond the flawed assumptions inherent in its consultation paper. It is clear from farmers’ experience, as well as the data from Statistics Canada, that the free trade policies of the Read more

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