Union Farmer Newsletter – October 2013

Download PDF versionContents:Serving Two Masters: Implications of Seed Field Crop Inspection PrivatizationAgroecology: Production with food sovereignty in mind(please note – Agroecology webcast has been rescheduled to 12 – 2 PM ET. A recording of the webcast will be available immediately following the live event.)

CSTA “Coexistence Plan” a Gateway to GM Alfalfa Contamination

GM Alfalfa Rebuttal to Industry Response Plan

Canadian farmers and consumers oppose the release of genetically engineered (also called genetically modified, or GM) alfalfa because it is impossible to keep it from spreading to farms, fields and food sources where it is not wanted. Altered gene sequences are contained in the plant’s pollen, which is carried by bees from flower to flower, over long distances.

2013 Winner

My summer ended with a journey to a permaculture convergence near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. There I was introduced to some innovative approaches to agriculture and to the people who do it.

Union Farmer Quarterly: Summer 2013

Message from the Editor
Presidential and Regional Reports

OP ED: Conference Board Food Strategy Consultation a Smokescreen
The Paul Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing
Proposed Low-Level Presence Policy Serves Biotech Seed Industry, not Farmers
Food Sovereignty, Faith and Community: Diverse Groups Look for Common Strategies
Planning to Grow the NFU
Letter to the Editor: Re: Farmer’s Privilege and UPOV’91, The Union Farmer Quarterly/Spring 2013


Union Farmer Newsletter – May – June 2013

Bee Careful! A precautionary approach to neonicitinoidsTurning off the lights in CanadaThe New Cereals Council of Canada – The Best Corporate Lobbying Your Check-off Dollars Can BuyDownload PDF

Union Farmer Newsletter – April 2013

Day of Action against GM Alfalfa a Huge SuccessNFU Submits Feedback on Fracking to Alberta RegulatorCETA Tactics Phoney Baloney? Beef and Pork Access Issue Lacks CredibilityDownload PDF