Union Farmer Quarterly:

Spring 2013

Message from the Editor

Presidential and Regional Reports

Around the World: News from the International Program Committee

  • The Civil Society Mechanism, Rome
  • Seeds: the Root of Power: LVC Biodiversity Commission Seeds Meeting in Paris, France, October 2012
  • LVC Meetings in Mexico
  • Migration Seminar
  • Still fighting for equality: Highlights of the Women’s International Commission meeting
  • Seminar on Public Policies for Food Sovereignty
  • Agroecology: Feeding the world

Farmer’s Privilege and UPOV ‘91

GM Alfalfa in Canada: Update on “unconfined release status”

The Story of Northumberlamb

Omnibus Bills, Idle No More and the NFU: Our Common Land, Our Common Ground

Remembering Dolores Mae Shadd, Scott Macarthur and Edwin Morden

Paul Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing

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