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We wish you the Best of the Season and a Happy New Year!

We believe a strong rural community in Canada is an essential part of our national culture. In the National Farmers Union, we work collectively to strengthen the farm community by:

  • building ties between farmers in all parts of Canada, with farmers in other countries and with non‐farm people;
  • ensuring all people have access to an adequate, nutritious and safely‐produced food supply;
  • promoting equity for women and young people in the farming community;
  • promoting social support systems that permit people in farming communities a good quality of life;
  • promoting the development and maintenance of a Canadian infrastructure to serve Canadian goals in food production and trade; and
  • helping governments to form fair and constructive policies related to food production and food trade.

As a member and/or a donor, you help make all this happen. Why not join, renew or make a donation today, or set up monthly donations to strengthen our movement all year long!

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