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Survey on Grading, Pricing and Delivery Problems at Elevators

What’s going on in the grain trade these days? The National Farmers Union‘s Trains and Grain Committee would like to hear from you to learn more about farmers’ experiences with the grain companies, especially in the context of changes to the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) and the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board in the last few years. We know that incidents often go unreported. The NFU wants to hear from you so we can promote solutions to the problems farmers are having. By sharing your experience, you will help us advocate for farmers.

This survey is a convenient way for us to collect and organize farmers’ stories. You can fill it out anonymously, or if you wish to provide your name and contact information, there is a space where you can do so at the end. You may answer as many questions as you like – they are all optional. All responses will be kept confidential. Any identifying information will be removed and the results will be aggregated for reporting purposes.

Thanks in advance for getting involved in helping protect family farms through this important advocacy work.

Ian Robson, Deleau, MB
Chair of the NFU Trains and Grain Committee

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