Region 5 (Manitoba)

  •  Deleau, MB

Ian Robson has been a member of the NFU since finishing Agriculture Diploma at University in 1977. He is currently Region 5 Coordinator. He farms with his wife Lois and two daughters at Deleau Manitoba. They raise wheat, canola, and Polled Hereford cattle.

Ian is very concerned about the economic plight of farmers because the ability of small scale farmer to earn a living is vastly reduced in these times. He learned farming skills from his family who homesteaded in this area and made good use of the resources at hand.

The ability of the farmers to work together, to cooperate, and find economic services that benefit the local farmers is demonstrated to be successful. We need to increase – not reduce – the number of farmers upon the land. This is the big reason that he belongs to the National Farmers Union: because neighbours make a local economy. The democratic decisions that a community makes help to enlighten and enliven and build up the standard of living.

Stories by Ian Robson

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