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Solidarity with Ukraine—NFU Supports the UN Resolution ES-11/1

The National Farmers Union of Canada (NFU) condemns the invasion of Ukraine, and expresses our deep concern at the potential for expansion of military conflict.  Farmers and workers everywhere bear the suffering and misery that is inseparable from war.

The NFU joins union and civil society movements from around the world calling for renewed efforts of diplomatic and commercial pressure that would avoid further violence and preserve peace on the European continent.

The impacts of this war on international food security and Ukrainian food sovereignty, along with other resources that contribute to the material progress of our human family, are sure to be detrimental. We call on international agricultural conglomerates still doing business within Russia to cease those activities which benefit the Russian regime.

The NFU recognizes the importance of working towards peace, not only in Europe, but globally. We call on governments around the world to cease arms sales that fuel violent conflicts, destabilize societies, and cause great harm to workers and farmers around the world including in the Middle East, Africa and the Global South. We also call on governments to recognize the importance of speedy relocation of conflict refugees regardless of country of origin.

The NFU supports the UN resolution ES-11/1 regarding Ukraine agreed to by 141 signatories, and joins in solidarity with all organizations and governments that are working towards a swift end to the conflict.

*Cover Photo by Karollyne Hubert on Unsplash*