Year in Review—2021

The National Farmers Union wants to celebrate all of the efforts, accomplishments and wins from each end of the country thanks to work from its regions, working groups, caucuses, committees and staff.

In the year 2021, we are proud to announce and reflect on our work to strive for Strong Communities, Sound Policies and Sustainable Farms. 


  • A roundtable of NFU women informed Ag Minister Bibeau about the unique childcare needs of farmers and rural families
  • Won a big step in the 40-year fight for childcare with $30B announced
  • Called for a halt to the liquidation of Crown Land in SK
  • Held Land-Linking & Farmland Conservation workshops virtually across Ontario, to help address the land-access challenges for young and new farmers (NFU-Ontario)
  • Called for regulation of gene-edited plants and provided ways for members to add their voice
  • Sent NFU priorities for the next Agricultural Policy Framework to all Ag Ministers
  • Supported the Canadian Grain Commission and called for an end of US grain exported as Canadian
  • Consulted with and mobilized farmers to participate in public consultations to expand/protect the Greenbelt (NFU-Ontario)
  • Published “Reframing the Farm Labour Crisis in Ontario” a report focused on the labour issues on small and mid-sized farms (NFU-Ontario)
  • Joined thousands of allies from around the world in protesting the corporate capture of food systems. This Peoples’ Counter Mobilization was provoked by the United Nations Food Systems Pre-Summit
  • Met with Ag Minister Bibeau about the climate issues on our farms and the climate solutions needed, and convened a roundtable discussion with her and NFU farmers from coast to coast
  • Won $350M announced for climate solutions in agriculture including $200M for on-farm climate action. The NFU’s work within and in support of the Farmers for Climate Solutions coalition propelled this new program
  • Defended Supply Management
  • Helped government understand how carbon- market offset trading often serves to greenwash corporate emissions
  • Advocated for a strong public plant breeding system and upholding Seeds Regulations that protect the right to freely use farm saved seed
  • Opposed increases to Maximum Residue Limits for glyphosate
  • Conducted review of livestock regulations across Canada leading to advocacy for improved access to abattoirs
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