Union Farmer Newsletter – July 2018

In this issue

NFU calls for better regulation, disclosure of test plot locations and end to open air GM crop testing following Alberta wheat contamination incident
On June 14 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) informed the public that some genetically modified (GM) wheat had been found growing on an access road to an oil rig on a farm in Alberta. Read how the NFU responded …

OP-ED: Cereals Canada’s Irresponsible GM Wheat Policy – by Stewart Wells.
Stewart Wells, who was NFU President from 2001-09, writes about the lobby group Cereals Canada and its pro-GM wheat position and why it should not be allowed to take over CIGI.

Who (or what) does Cereals Canada represent?
NFU takes a look at the way Cereals Canada is structured, whose interests it serves. What are the implications for farmers?

Agroecology, Livestock and Global Warming: how our institutions make a difference
How we organize livestock production and marketing has an impact on the environment. Find out how orderly marketing, community pastures and grazing co-ops can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.