Union Farmer Quarterly:

Summer 2018

In this issue:

Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, NFU President Coral Sproule, NFU Women’s President Katie Ward, NFU Youth President Stuart Oke and Regional Reports.

Introducing Julie Enman, Region 8 (BC) representative on the Women’s Advisory Committee and announcing two National Office staff retirements.


Connecting with a Remarkable Array of Farm Organizations
Murray Jowett, Region 5 (Manitoba) youth rep, tells about the many connections with people and ideas he made at the Agroecology Encounter in Florida.

The cows are returning to prison
This is actually good news! NFU Region 3 Board Member Tony Straathof outlines how the Prison Farm Advisory Panel worked to bring the cows home to the re-opened Kingston prison farms.

Genetically Modified Wheat Incident
What do we know about what happened? How did Canada’s grain quality control institutions help reduce the impact of the incident?

NFU Making History
As we approach our 50th anniversary as an organization, we are working on recording the history the NFU has made over the years. Find out how you can be a part of this.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty
Mireille LaPointe is a member of both NFU Local 316 and Ardoch Algonquin First Nation. Her story helps us understand the role of Manòmin (wild rice) in Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

Dawn Morrison, Founder/Chair of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty reflects upon agroecology, food sovereignty, and social movements in through an in-depth interview at La Vía Campesina’s VII’s International Conference in July 2017.