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NFU Disappointed in Appeal Court’s Decision on Introduction of Bill C-18

The National Farmers Union is extremely disappointed in the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision to strike down Justice Campbell’s December 7, 2011 ruling where he found that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz had acted outside of the rule of law by bringing forward legislation that destroyed the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk without first conducting a farmer vote.

“Apparently the Federal Appeal Court accepts the premise that changes to the single desk would require approval through a farmer vote, but the complete destruction of the single desk can be carried out with impunity,” said Terry Boehm, NFU President.

Regardless of this decision, farmers will continue the fight to retain the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk or be compensated for the loss of it.

“The behaviour of the federal government has been scandalous throughout this entire process, and Canadians have been taking note,” warned Boehm.

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For more information:

Terry Boehm, NFU President: (306) 255-2880 or (306) 257-3689

Ed Sagan, NFU Region 6: (Saskatchewan) Coordinator (306) 728-3760 or (306) 728-9050

Cathy Holtslander, NFU Director of Research and Policy: (306) 652-9465

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