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NFU congratulates new CGC leaders on their appointment

The National Farmers Union would like to congratulate Doug Chorney and Patty Rosher on their appointment as the Canadian Grain Commission’s Chief Commissioner and Assistant Chief Commissioner respectively. We are pleased that Minister Bibeau has chosen to appoint these individuals, who both have the deep understanding of agriculture and credibility within the farm community required to carry out the spirit and the letter of the Canada Grain Act.

Mr. Chorney and Ms. Rosher join current Commissioner Lonny McKague. Together they are responsible for carrying out the mandate of the Canadian Grain Commission, which is to, in the interests of the grain producers, establish and maintain standards of quality for Canadian grain and regulate grain handling in Canada, to ensure a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets. 

“We look forward to engaging with the work of the Canadian Grain Commission,” said Katie Ward, NFU President. “We have confidence that with these leaders, it will work with and for farmers to address the challenges of ensuring fairness for farmers and quality of Canada’s grain system in the coming years.”