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NFU 50th Anniversary “Unity Video”

The National Farmers Union celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2019. This two-minute video showcases the unity of our farmer members across Canada as they share the text of the NFU’s remarkable Statement of Purpose. The original 1969 vision is still relevant today as we create a national farming community that works to benefit all of Canadian society and good livelihoods for our current and future farm families.

Text: Our movement is based on a foundation of understanding. It is an understanding that highlights the positive concepts and needs that will unite us as farmers, for understanding follows learning, and we are learning that as farmers we hold a common stake in the welfare of one another and our nation. We are learning that the pursuit of only individual self-interest leads inevitably to self-destruction. We are learning that the society in which we live and toil is exploitive in nature and the power of abundance we possess is widely subjected to economic exploitation to our disadvantage. The common hope and aspiration of us all is that the creative power farmers possess may be a blessing to humanity and not a curse. It is our hope and aspiration that our families may live in dignity and prosperity – that we may, as farmers, live in harmony with one another and that all the world’s people may live in peace.

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