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National Farmers Union congratulates Beef Farmers of Ontario

January 22, 2021

To: Beef Farmers of Ontario via email:

When the Beef Farmers of Ontario recently passed their policy calling for more diversity, equity, and inclusion in agriculture, they took a great step forward and set a great example for other commodity organizations in Ontario and across the country. “The NFU would like to congratulate the Board and members of the BFO on taking this important step on the path to improved education and inclusivity in agriculture,” said Katie Ward, NFU President and sheep farmer from Woodlawn, Ontario. “As an organization founded over half a century ago upon the principles of fairness and equity, which has been working for years on Indigenous Solidarity – the NFU is pleased to see this positive message spread. We are enthusiastic about a newly-formed BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) Working Group of farmers within the NFU. We want BIPOC producers to flourish.”

“Discrimination belongs in the past. A commitment to speaking up against prejudice, to ongoing learning, and to promoting BIPOC-owned businesses within the agricultural supply chain sets an example for others to follow,” added Don Ciparis, NFU-Ontario President and grain farmer from Rodney, Ontario.

Everybody deserves an equal chance to work and earn a dignified living in agriculture. “Seeing a public commitment from the Beef Farmers of Ontario to work to dismantle systemic racism is very encouraging to me, and I welcome more partners in advocating for diversity and allyship in agriculture,” says Kim McQuhae, a beef farmer in the Niagara region.

Katie Ward, NFU National President,

Don Ciparis, NFU-Ontario President,

Kim McQuhae, NFU Beef Farmer, Niagara Region,

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