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Manitoba Legislature Recognizes NFU’s 50th Anniversary

On Nov. 27, 2019, one day after our 50th Anniversary Convention in Winnipeg, the NDP Agriculture Critic, MLA Daljeet Brar gave recognition to the National Farmers Union’s commemoration. All members of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly (MLA’s) stood and applauded our accomplishment while NFU members stood with a left fist raised in solidarity to our past and future efforts. This message is recorded in the Manitoba Legislature’s Hansard.


NFU members present at the Legislature’s commemoration were (from left to right): Lance Lorie, Terry Boehm (former president), Toby Malloy, Anastasia Fyk, Anterra Vsetula-Sheffield, Madeline Marmor, Dean Harder


Transcript from Manitoba Legislature proceedings:

National Farmers Union of Canada
Mr. Diljeet Brar (Burrows):  I rise today to honour the 50th anniversary of the farm movement and the National Farmers Union of Canada. First established in 1969, the National Farmers Union has been committed to promoting the betterment of farmers, markets, agricultural education and achieving social goals in the country.

The National Farmers Union is organized into eight regions, Manitoba being the fifth. The organization has a number of advisory committees and boards ranging from women’s, youth to international, each individually designed to ensure the equal participation and support for all those concerned about the present and future direction of agriculture in Canada.

The Union prides itself in raising awareness and addressing social issues of malnutrition, poverty and hunger; also preserving a strong, vibrant rural community and protecting the national interest of Canada’s farming industry.

They are committed to assisting legislatures in developing equitable agricultural policies. Most importantly, the union promotes the mutual co-operation and collective action of farmers to enhance their bargaining power.

This past year has proven difficult for Manitoba producers: 12 rural municipalities declared a state of agricultural emergency after climate-change-induced drought and flooding left farmers with a severe shortage of feed.

Despite the obstacles, Manitoba producers remain resilient and dedicated. However, this government has chosen to implement changes to Crown land leasing regulations which will cost farmers more in these hard times. Manitoba farm families need to support to ensure a stronger and more prosperous agriculture and food sector.

We are joined in the gallery by members of the National Farmers Union.

Thank you to Manitoba farmers and all members of the National Farmers Union who continue to have a positive impact on the social fabric of our province.