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Jenn Pfenning Announced NFU President at 53rd Annual Convention

The National Farmer Union is pleased to announce that Jenn Pfenning is the incoming President of the National Farmers Union. NFU members from across the country met at the NFU’s first hybrid convention held in Saskatoon and virtually November 24 to 26, 2022.

Jenn Pfenning is a family owner and the Director of Human Resources, Marketing and Operations at Pfenning’s Organic Farm in New Hamburg, Ontario. She enjoys working alongside local and migrant workers to produce food that serves her passion for healthy living, food justice and strong community.

Jenn is an active participant in boards and committees. She is the past President of the National Farmers Union Local 340 and served on the Foodshare Toronto Board of Directors for seven years. She also served on the Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable and is a past president of the Organic Council of Ontario.

The NFU also celebrates the leadership of the following:

  • Bess Vanzandwyk of Montney, BC, Women’s President
  • Jessie MacInnis of Lapland, NS, Youth President
  • Cheyenne Sundance of Toronto, ON, BIPOC President
  • Stewart Wells of Swift Current, SK, First Vice-President (Policy)
  • Al Birchard of Verwood, SK Second Vice-President (Operations)
  • Kumari Gurusamy of Ottawa, ON, Women’s Vice-President
  • Maia De Graff of Toronto, ON, Youth Vice-President
  • Jordan River of Borden, SK, BIPOC Vice-President

The NFU thanks retiring President, Katie Ward, for four years of strong leadership. Katie has made enormous contributions to the collective strength and policy impact of the NFU.

As a farmer-led organization, each one of these leaders is remarkable in their dedication to maintain their farms while also offering significant time and attention to leading the NFU.

The National Farmers Union was established in 1969. It is a voluntary grassroots organization advocating for farmers and farm workers across Canada. Members work together to achieve agricultural policies that ensure dignity and income security for people who farm, while protecting and enhancing rural environments for future generations. The NFU advocates for a food system based on the principles of food sovereignty, which calls for a food system that values food producers and their products; rebuilds relationships between food producers and those who eat; reclaims local decision making about food production and environmental protection; and strengthens connections between people and the land, empowering communities and citizens to make intentional decisions based on local needs and conditions to ensure a resilient and sustainable future. The NFU collaborates locally, nationally and internationally to research, educate and share effective solutions that lead to a better world for farm families and their local communities.

For an interview with NFU President Jenn Pfenning, contact the NFU office at or by phone at 306-652-9465.