Jan Slomp and his spouse, Marian, have been dairy farmers since 1979, first in their native Netherlands and from April 1989 until 2015, in Alberta. They recently moved to BC and set up a new farm on Vancouver Island.

Jan already knew the importance of grassland before his formal education started. He knew about production potential of well-established pastures in the 1980s, but in Canada he discovered how much of a modern dairy cow’s nutritional needs could be balanced by the miracle of wealth in managed sun-drenched prairie pastures. Approaching that balance allowed the Slomps quality of life and prosperity on a modest size farm.

Marian and Jan have been NFU members since summer of 1989. In 2001 he attended the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the prairie farm movement, which started in 1901 with the Territorial Grain Growers Association and continues today with the NFU. Jan counts the lectures presented there, especially the one highlighting the life of Violet McNaughton and the role of prairie women, as the most important education in his life. Marian and Jan are dedicated to the success of the NFU, as they believe it is the farm organization that continues to look with integrity for balance between human ingenuity and the needed social economic and ecological outcomes.

Stories by Jan Slomp

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