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Action Alert – Help for BC ranchers, farmers needed now!

Update – Flood Recovery Program announced February 7.

See 2021 Flood Recovery Program for Food Security for details

After disastrous floods and fires in 2021 BC ranchers and farmers desperately need help! Tell BC’s Agriculture Minister Popham and Canada’ Agriculture Minister Bibeau to start Agri-Recovery now!

Farmers waiting for Agri-Recovery are the future of food security in BC. They are depending on promised emergency funds to rebuild and continue in producing foods for Canadians before it is too late.

Take action!

1. Phone and email your own MP and MLA and ask them to do all they can to fast track Agri-Recovery for BC

2. Share the NFU’s social media campaign with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and tag Minister Popham and Minister Bibeau when you post

3. Share this Action Alert with others who can help put pressure on the elected leaders

More info:

Farmers and ranchers are still waiting for support that was promised before Christmas.

Farmers and ranchers have been told to save receipts so they can be reimbursed later, but they are running out of money. Interim emergency funds are needed for those whose credit cards are maxed out and have exhausted their short-term credit resources.

Ranchers have been left on their own to replace winter supplies of hay that were lost in the flood. After a year of drought, hay is hard to find and prices are astronomical. When fields start thawing they will no longer be able to get heavy equipment out to river banks that desperately need stabilizing. Damaged fences, corrals, barns, buildings and other infrastructure need to be secured so they are not lost when spring melt comes. Irrigation systems need to be repaired, replaced, installed and functioning before the growing season starts.

Without Agri-Recovery, many BC ranchers will suffer immense financial losses that will be difficult, if not impossible to recoup.

Both the federal and provincial governments need to act now before it is too late.

Read NFU’s letter to Minister Popham –
Read NFU’s letter to Minister Bibeau –