Union Farmer Newsletter – November 2014

PDF versionContents:NFU Presentation on Bill C-18 before the House of Commons Agriculture Committee, October 9, 2014Six Points about CETACWB to sell itself, in secret and not necessarily to the highest bidderBill C-18 Petition Campaign Update – October 2014

Union Farmer Quarterly: Fall 2014

PDF VersionContents:Message from the Editor
Message from the President
Message from the Women's President: Membership – the Roots of Organization
Message from the NFU Youth
Regional Reports

PEI Land Use Policy, Legislation and Regulation
Preparing for Success: NFU Brand Development Project – by Dean Harder
The Convergence 2014: Patterns – by Dan Kretchsmar, Region 3 (Ontario)
BC legislation protecting farmland weakened
Emergency flood relief, infrastructure maintenance and climate policy essential
Neonicotinoids: Ontario government acts on NFU recommendations
Seed sovereignty in La Via Campesina
We Remember – Richard Griebel, Laura Elaine Johnson (Aseltine)

Union Farmer Newsletter: September 2014

Contents: Using Farm Debt to Spin Farmers’ Canola into Investors’ Gold Fairness sidelined in new rail regulations Why the Revenue Cap must be kept in place Bill C-18 would expand the neonicotinoid market Partners in Wheat Biotechnology?

Will GM Crops Feed the World?

CBAN Report: Do we need GM Crops to feed the world?

October 2014: We are often told that we need genetically modified (GM) crops to feed a growing population and reduce hunger around the world. Although compelling, this claim is false, and ignores the many negative impacts of the technology. CBAN’s report examines experiences with GM crops from around the world and exposes the many ways in which they threaten the environment and farmers’ livelihoods, and overlook the real causes of hunger. Using case studies from around the world, the report shows that there is no place for GM crops in an ecologically sustainable and socially just food system.

Union Farmer Newsletter – May 2014

PDF VersionContents:NEW: Save Our Seeds Video SeriesGrassroots campaign keeps GM alfalfa at bay for the time beingClimate Change Requires Top Priority Policy ResponseClosure of Cereal Research Centre part of Federal UPOV ‘91 Agenda

Union Farmer Newsletter: May 2014

Contents: NEW: Save Our Seeds Video Series Grassroots campaign keeps GM alfalfa at bay for the time being Climate Change Requires Top Priority Policy Response Closure of Cereal Research Centre part of Federal UPOV ‘91 Agenda

Union Farmer Quarterly: Summer 2014

PDF Version Contents: Message from the Editor: How familiar does this story sound?
Message from the President: Debt and Land Tenure
Message from the Women's President:What's In Our Name?
Message from the NFU Youth: Youth Retreat- Nanoose Regional Reports International Perspectives on UPOV '91—The case of African resistance
Chile beats back UPOV '91 The Basque Region: A Learning Vacation
UN Discussion Attempts to Estimate the True Value of Family Farms

Union Farmer Newsletter – February 2014

Download the PDF versionThis is a special edition of the Union Farmer Newsletter – a printed toolkit to support our campaign: A Seed Act for Farmers, Not Corporations – Stop Bill C-18<strongContents:</strongBill C-18, The Agriculture Growth Act – Growth for who?- Op Ed by Jan SlompOrganize a Public Meeting on Bill C-18Fundamental Principles of a Farmers Seed ActBill C-18 BackgrounderBill C-18 and Farmers' Privilege – What's the whole story?Questions and Answers about Bill C-18Science-based Decisions – In whose interests?- Op Ed by Ann Slater Grain Farmers Paying the Price for Post-CWB Logistics Failure

A Seed Act for Farmers, not Corporations

Webinar: A Seed Act for Farmers Not Corporations

A National Farmers Union webinar, offered in collaboration with Food Secure Canada to learn about the new omnibus bill, Bill C-18, the Agriculture Growth Act, and the National Farmers Union’s proposals for a Farmers Seed Act was held onThursday, February 13th.