() formally requests that the Ontario Ombudsman investigate the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). OMAFRA is failing in its duty to properly direct and shape Ontario food and agriculture systems. By failing to pursue policies that preserve and strengthen (1) rural communities and economies, (2) the healthfulness and safety of our Read more

Comparing 2007 to 1988–This is an expanded and updated version of a report originally published in 2002 We’ve had 19 years of “Free Trade.” How is it working for farm families and rural communities? To help us find out, the following compares economic indicators from 1988 (the year before we set off down the Free Read more

The paring down of Measurement Canada’s internal resources over the past two decades has been used as a rationale for privatizing the agency’s functions, in accordance with the prevailing ideology of reducing the public sector’s role in the economy. The evidence proves that deregulation of the grain sector has not resulted in any savings to Read more

The current Agricultural Policy Framework (APF), in particular, represents a major concern for our membership. During the past five years since the APF was implemented, there has been a dramatic decline in the viability of family farm operations across the country. Not only have farmgate prices declined for most major commodities, but input prices for Read more

() welcomes the opportunity to respond to the proposal published in the April 21 edition of the Canada Gazette. This proposed regulatory change would remove barley from the jurisdiction of the Canadian Wheat Board single desk by instituting changes to the Canadian Wheat Board Regulations. The federal government’s justification for introducing this regulatory change is Read more

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