Union Farmer Quarterly: Winter 2012 - 2013

Presidents' Reports

National Farmers Foundation Report to Donors

The Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing

Transportation Level of Service Legislation More Government Hype than Farmer Help

Convention Highlights 2012:

  • Supply Management: Unscrambling the Eggs
  • UPOV '91 ... Again - Seeding Saving Under Attack
  • Weathering the Storm: Leadership, Resilience and Democratic Control
  • Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) Court Cases: The Rule of Law and Democracy
  • Co-op Types: Forms, Functions and Principles
  • NFU Convention Closing Address - Terry Boehm, President
  • Agriculture and the New Servitude - Andrew Nikiforuk
  • Trade Agreements and Democracy
  • Resolutions passed at the NFU’s 43rd Annual Convention

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