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What YOU can do to save the CWB!

  • Write to your Member of Parliament and your MLA expressing your support for the CWB (email or fax a copy to the NFU office)
  • Write, email or phone your CWB Director with a message of support or with any questions you might have
  • Make CWB a provincial election issue if your province is going to the polls this fall Sign petitions in support of the CWB
  • Write letters to the editor in support of the CWB to your local and regional papers (email or fax a copy to the NFU office)
  • Phone call-in shows and respond to TV and radio stories about the CWB.
  • Speak out in your community, coffee shop, etc. in support of the CWB when the topic comes up. Put up a sign to show support in your community. If you can place it near a busy road, that would be great! Phone or email the NFU office to get your sign.
  • Watch and share our “Save the CWB” DVD order your copy from the office or download it from our website then show it in your community
  • Join our email list-serve go to and click on “join this group”. You will need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Become an NFU member if you are not already, to be part of the movement to keep families farming and build food sovereignty in Canada

Petitions and Email Campaigns:

Canada wide: Manitoba: Other prairie provinces:

Members of Parliament: or phone 1-866-599-4999 to get contact information for your MP.


Manitoba: Saskatchewan: Alberta: British Columbia:

NFU Office

Phone (306) 652-9465 Fax (306) 664-6226 Email Mailing: 2717 Wentz Ave., Saskatoon, SK, S7K 4B6

NFU Membership form

Donations to the NFU’s CWB Campaign:

Make cheques payable to the National Farmer Union and put “CWB campaign” in the memo portion, or donate by credit card via and indicate that it is for the CWB campaign.

Save the Canadian Wheat Board! Join the National Farmers Union – call 306-652-9465 or visit www.nfu.caCWB Directors:

District 1 Henry Vos, Fairview, AB Tel: (780) 624-5207 Cell: (780) 835-1992 Email:

District 2 Jeff Nielsen, Olds, AB Tel: (403) 556-3035 Fax: (403) 556-5978 E-mail:

District 3 Stewart Wells, Swift Current, SK Tel: (306) 773-6852 E-mail:

District 4 Bill Woods, Eston, SK Tel: (306) 962-4477 Fax: (306) 962-4222 E-mail:

District 5 Allen Oberg, CWB Chair, Forestburg, AB Tel: (780) 582-2171 (daytime) Tel: (780) 582-2271 (evenings) Fax: (780) 582-4127


District 6 Cam Goff, Hanley, SK Tel: (306) 544-2790 E-mail:

District 7 Kyle Korneychuk, Pelly, SK Tel: (306) 595-2094 Fax: (306) 595-4545 Email:

District 8 Rod Flaman, Edenwold, SK Tel: (306) 771-2823 Fax: (306) 771-4218 E-mail:

District 9 John Sandborn, Benito, MB Tel: (204) 539-2176 E-mail:

District 10 Bill Toews, Kane, MB Tel: (204) 343-2002 E-mail: bill_toews@cwb.c

Save the Canadian Wheat Board! Join the National Farmers Union – call 306-652-9465 or visit

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