Union Farmer:

Winter 2022 | Union Fermière

Formerly known as the Union Farmer Quarterly, the National Farmers Union has cut down to a bi-annual.

“We appreciate people’s understanding and sense of solidarity with the difficult choices the NFU has had to make throughout this pandemic. The Virtual Convention is a real challenge for some due to rural internet & other issues. We want to make sure that people’s needs are met in a way that is accessible to them. That’s why we’re sending a paper copy of the Union Farmer. We will be publishing twice a year to contain costs and mailing, budget permitting. We hope you’ll love it, but please let us know if you prefer not to receive this in the mail. I hope you enjoy the read!” Katie Ward, President

To read the full document, please click “Download the PDF”. Happy reading!

French translation of portions of the Union Farmer provided in part by the Government of Canada